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Aside from being an artist and producer in my own right, I am also a fully fledged MIXING ENGINEER for any artists who would like to use my services. Whether it be subtle finishing touches to your already wonderful creation, or whether you need me to put on my "fixing engineer" hat to get the song into gear, I'm equipped for anything.

I have sometimes been called a "music odd-job man", as I can utilise the many skills and crafts I have honed and perfected over the years within my absolute passion of music. You might be in need of some vocal tuning - I do this completely manually to achieve the most natural result. You might be wanting some punch and 
character in your drum tracks - I use high-end processing in terms of compression and saturation to achieve a live, bold, dynamic sound. The most important thing in a great mix is balance. You wouldn't believe the amount of "radio-ready" mixes I have heard that are frankly not radio-ready, simply due to levels. I am known for my ear (well, two), where I can clearly "see" what is too loud and what is not loud enough. I say "see", because music is almost visual to me. From experience and observation, I can discern if the subtlest sound is too bass-heavy or perhaps needs some air.

examples of my work - Before & After

010 Ed Eagle - Bye
009 JHM - Into The Wilderness
008 Sea Byrne - Blue Skies
007 Brother Good - Superpowers
006 Steven Heath - Freeze
005 Sea Byrne - Fortune
004 Steven Heath - Two Wolves
003 Ed Eagle - Superstition
002 Copperstone - Pontoon Ride
001 Ed Eagle - Plush

The main reason artists are so happy with my efforts, is the energy and excitement I bring to their tracks. Mixing is more than having a clean, level sound. In fact, one problem might be that the original mix is TOO clean, to the point where it starts to sound sterile. I can sort this out. There is no trick here, though. I work intensely but fast, with a goal of perfection every time.

Mentioning the whole "odd-job man" thing, I also produce for artists. This can be some subtle additional production for extra "ear candy", or a full production from an initial acoustic phone recording demo. It starts with your idea in song, and ends with OUR mini-masterpiece.

I tend now to work through the website SoundBetter for my projects. The company is known for its emphasis on high quality for good value. Aside from their excellent reputation and modest fees (fees I pay - you don't have to worry about that), I use SoundBetter for assurance and safety in terms of behaviour and transactions - both ways. I also work privately, should that suit our needs.

Speaking of SoundBetter, tap the badge below to have a look at my profile, complete with some frankly stunning reviews. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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