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Album, you say...?

You haven't heard much from me lately, have you... Have I been lazy? Have I given up music entirely? Have I resigned myself to only mixing and producing for other artists? No, no, and NO! I have quietly been putting together an album comprising 14 brand new tracks. It's called Hands Up!

(not official album artwork, although this does look very cool)

I will be releasing a new track every 3 weeks until December. But I need your help. As it's a proper ALBUM album, you'll want to hear each track flow into the next... For this, I'll need your help...

Should you choose to join me, I ask that you create a playlist and add each track as it is released. It'll be the only way to enjoy the gapless nature of the album. Or you could wait until December, but I doubt you've got the patience for that... Of course, Spotify and Apple Music will do their very best to bugger up the gapless thang, but I have done my bit, and I have done my best. Sorry to give you work to do, but that's surely fair considering we artists do this for nothing... Besides, it might be rather fun and exciting! Who knows. We'll have to wait and see...

I have worked long and hard on this LP, and frankly wondered if it would ever be ready. The process also had to run alongside my job of mixing and producing for anyone who feels they want a little "CC Magic", hence it taking so long. It has been truly exhausting. If you struggle with mental health (I normally don't, but lost my mind through this), do NOT make a proper ALBUM album. Stick with singles.

Get ready for your "Hands Up! - CC" playlist to evolve over the whole of 2024.

The journey commences February 16th.

Want to know the titles of the tunes...? If you can spare the time, the links below should quench your burning curiosity. 15 please and thank yous for those who pre-save them all - gold stars all round! (please do save them though - your reward will be the teaser video below)

And finally, please pre-save the album's eventual release, HERE!

PHEW!! Thank you, deeply.

Enjoy the teaser!

(more teasers on ugly horrible beastly social media throughout the year)



Feel free to comment below!

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