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One Day To Go (plus some other exciting news...)

I just thought I would fill you all in on the last few days. What an amazing and unlikely time it has been this week!

Spotify updates its figures and stats once a day, so I was astounded to see that not only had my very first single, Never Said Goodbye, managed an incredible 24,000 streams, but it was EXACTLY 24,000, on the DOT! This unlikely happenstance didn’t just make me smile, but seeing as it was 24K, I found myself boogying to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic halfway through the afternoon - what ELSE is one to do in lockdown…?? It also occurred to me in my own twisted and warped way of thinking, that it had therefore “gone gold”.

A few days previous I had recorded a podcast for the New Artist Spotlight with three other fabulous artists: Plummy, Maaya Mattoo and Pancham_b. We had no plan and just decided to chat about music and have a bit of a lark. It turned a bit chaotic towards the end, as you’ll hear, but that somehow only made it all the more fun to do. Hopefully this comes across in the podcast at your end, and not one of those “you had to be there” moments. Chaotic mayhem maybe has its place…!

Now comes the unlikely weirdness. The New Artist Spotlight has a weekly Top 20 chart, voted by the artists in the society (for I have decided it is a society - group would be too cheap, organisation would be too formal and dull). The weekly podcast ends with a rundown of the latest Top 20 chart. I found myself at NUMBER ONE! Not only did this make me exceedingly happy and humbled, but it frankly shocked me. The song was not my most recent single, nor the one before. It was my very first single, from July last year! Never Said Goodbye not only “went gold”, but somehow managed to grab the top spot! I am rather ecstatic, and it has very much put me in the mood for my next little announcement - for those of you who aren’t aware already…

My next single is released tomorrow (Friday March 12th). My birthday!! The song is titled The Birthday Song. I’m getting funky with this one. A last minute Spotify pre-save would be much appreciated.

Let’s see what happens next…

In the meantime, here are a few links for your delectation:

Listen to the podcast HERE!

See the full Top 20 chart HERE!

Hear the number one single Never Said Goodbye HERE!

Pre-save The Birthday Song HERE!

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