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The Key - OUT NOW!

1 producer + 1 producer = pop class

After the success of This is How the Story Begins (my first collaboration ever), I decided to go with another collab for the next release. This time with Michael Lind, aka The Blindfold Experience - a blindingly brilliant producer. The Key is a song that Michael wrote, and then we produced together, blending the best of both our very different production styles. The question was then "who was going to sing it?" I timidly suggested myself. Michael said, "I hoped you would say that". And so I did. With the highest notes I have ever sung in my life. What we ended up with was an eclectic, almost eccentric piece.

Michael brings the incredible guitars, drums and the song itself, while I bring the beats, synths, bass, my voice, and pretty much a full orchestra. It ain't subtle...

The Key - OUT NOW on all streaming platforms

Let me know what you think!

CC x

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