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This is How the Story Begins (feat. Wilko Wilkes) - OUT NOW!

My 10th original release breaks boundaries (even for me)

Here's my first collaboration, and my 10th original release, This is How the Story Begins. Despite countless artists wishing to work with me (honoured and humbled), I have refrained up until now. This is mainly because I have always been able to create whatever I want to make without the help of anyone else, so I never really saw the point. I have always been impressed with the lyrical speed and wit of fellow English artist, Wilko Wilkes, and I knew it was just something I was unable to do. Having admired Wilko’s rap for quite a while, I thought I could incorporate his style into mine. This piece is probably the most “musical” rap out there, with each syllable artificially being given a note: a kind of rapped singing. I still retain my catchy melodies throughout in my own singing. The foundation of the song is dark, gritty, hard-hitting hip-hop, but there are so many surprises as I pull out my beloved symphony orchestra to expand the piece to Hollywood scale.

It’s big, it’s grand, it’s sumptuous. And this is only the beginning of the story...

“So to fly, I need to get a couple of wings”

This is How the Story Begins

Would love to hear what you think

CC x

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