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This is How the Story WENT!

Greetings, fellow music lovers and hamsters.

I thought I'd fill you in on the success of my last single, This is How the Story Begins (feat. Wilko Wilkes). It seems to have gone down pretty well, and I am thoroughly pleased, not to mention utterly chuffed with the reception. I would first like to thank Wilko Wilkes for everything he put into the track. He wrote and recorded all his parts, just like I wrote and recorded all mine. (I just added notes to his rapping, to sprinkle what people seem to be calling, my CC Magic). Wilko, I could not have asked for any better, because it could not have been done any better. Thank you.

Where do I start?? Well, I suppose at the beginning, like a right pleb. This is how the story begins. The song was released right in the middle of the hottest heatwave London has ever experienced. But it seemed to take people's mind off the sweat. Which was nice. I, meanwhile was enjoying a well earned break in the land of Po - Warsaw, to be precise. 'Twas lovely. But also not exactly the best time to go away - days after a new single launch. The internet however makes things rather easier - 'tis the world wide web, after all.

Just before leaving for Poland, I managed to squeeze in a very thorough podcast indeed, hosted by none other than Origin Crxss and Wilko Wilkes - the man himself. So it was kind of like a joint interview, and a very fun one too. The podcast is hosted by the New Artist Spotlight (more on them later). You can watch it in full, here:

Next up was rather a wonderful surprise. Amy from Click Roll Boom had an early listen and felt the need to review it. One of the nicest reviews I've had.


Speaking of reviews though, the cream of the crop came from Brad, aka Mercury Teardrop, as he took my place on Connolly's Corner for a week and surprised me with a thoroughly stunning (not to mention stunningly thorough) review. Thank you SO MUCH, Brad. I couldn't stop smiling for hours! Here's Brad's Bit:


But has the song actually done well? Has word got round to the masses? Has it actually been played and listened to? Well, as of a couple of days ago, the song has managed close to 90,000 streams on Spotify alone, and over 15,000 on Apple Music! I would say it has done rather well. Hurrah!

Let's see now. Is there anything else? Oh yes, of course! The New Artist Spotlight weekly Top 20 charts! How could I forget! The New Artist Spotlight has become my ultimate place of refuge in recent years. It is the only place I have found on the internet that genuinely feels like a music community. Or even, the only community of any kind that I have ever enjoyed. So diverse, so caring and loving, and all such a massive load of music fans, not to mention great artists. There are nearly 900 members now - absolutely crazy to take that in. Anyway, all the members have been so supportive of my music and I, so on a weekly basis I write reviews in my Connolly's Corner (it's well worth checking out) to show MY appreciation of all things bright and beautiful, within the New Artist Spotlight. Anyway, to get back to my story, the NAS hosts a Top 20 chart every week. This is How the Story Begins managed to grab the top spot 3 times since its release. A massive thank you to everyone who is a fan, and a big fat hug for everyone involved with the New Artist Spotlight. Love ya.

Another thing about the New Artist Spotlight, is that it has given me a career. And no, it does not pay a penny for my reviews. The NAS is not for profit - it neither takes nor gives a single penny. And never will. It does however put me in touch with a huge amount of artists who might potentially need my help with mixing, or perhaps want a little sprinkle of my CC Magic. I literally earn my living through making music sound great! And it is all due to the New Artist Spotlight. While this does give me less time to concentrate on my own music, it does however mean I am forever immersed in sound. I realise how lucky I am, but I am also always looking for new clients, so do let me know if you're interested. I am utterly dedicated and I always put absolutely everything I can into every mix I work on. I also insist that no money changes hands until the artist is entirely satisfied. I only do this with New Artist Spotlight members, however, and this is not in writing. To read more about this, TAP HERE! I either work through SoundBetter or privately, and I agree this with the client beforehand. You can listen to my mixes/productions below on Spotify or Apple Music. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for indulging my shameless plug.

As to This is How the Story Begins, that must be it, surely! Well, wouldn't you like to know what people actually THOUGHT of the song? This is always my favourite bit. We all like a bit of praise - you'd be weird not to! But for me, it's more an acknowledgement that I have achieved what I set out to in the first place. Proof that I'm doing something right. And the knowledge that listeners are enjoying what I have made. It's a wonderful feeling. Thank you, all. You've made me smile till it hurts. So pleased you all enjoyed it!

I have however left off the one that meant the most to me. Not necessarily gushing in praise, but it subtly hit me more than any other. Thank you, James.

That is finally it, for this chapter. That was how the story began. But what next? How does the story continue? Good question! Well here's the answer. My second "collab" (this time with The Blindfold Experience) is released on Friday!

Pre-save The Key HERE!

Thank you all - it's been emotional.

CC x

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