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A little update on things...

The first month of the "new" year is nearly at a close. The pandemic seems never ending. But when did that ever stop us going further and reaching higher goals? I thought I would fill you in on a few things in between my last release and my next.

I managed to reach an amazing 1000 followers on Spotify! And considering my music has only been widely available to stream for 7 months, this very much made me smile. I never thought I would reach this figure so soon. I am aiming high though, so although I am very pleased with this achievement, I have to keep pushing and reach my next goal, with your wonderful help. Fingers crossed!

My latest single (excluding my popular Christmas song), To See My Lover Again, was released in November. It has since accrued more than 26,000 streams on Spotify alone!! This frankly astounds me and I am so happy and grateful to all of you who have played it (and seemingly loved it). It seems to be everyone's favourite so far. And to think I almost didn't release it!!

And finally, here's a sweet chunk of praise for the song, from It's Indie (and we know it) - big fans of mine - who gave the song 9.3 out of 10...! Not too shabby:

"Charles Connolly is one of those people who seem to be able to put together fabulous tunes each time he puts pen to paper. His latest offering, To See My Lover Again, is another of those, and Charles' voice has an eerie similarity to the late George Michael."

In the next few days I'll be posting a splendid and thorough review of To See My Lover Again, so check back soon to read that - one of the best reviews I've had yet.

Thanks as always, to all of you who've listened, commented and supported me on my brief journey so far. Onward and upward! New music on the way - I ain't been slackin'...

CC x

- let me know your thoughts and comments here or anywhere on the social side of things -

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1 opmerking

28 jan. 2021

Congrats on those impressive numbers!! And so happy to see your music getting praise everywhere. It is truly FANTASTIC!

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