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Experience • Track 5 • OUT NOW

It's GO time!! Yup. Enough of the ballads. We need some energy; it's what the doctor ordered. And I'm your doctor, ready with the injection. Track 5 of my "Hands Up!" album felt about the right time for it. And just as you were sitting comfortably! Although I may have been doing guitars and rock for a while, my rocky side has never been heard. Until now. CC goes rocky! Well, okay - it's not straight rock. You know me by now: I don't do normal. But there's distorted guitars and drums - that's rock enough for now.

The album really is officially in flow. If you haven't already, be sure to create a brand new playlist and label it something like "Hands Up! - CC". Add the last 5 releases. Then add each release as it is released. Every release will make the end of the previous track make sense. You'll have to hit play to understand. It's called gapless playback. It's an experience. Experience - see what I did there...

Tap HERE to listen FREE on your platform of choice!

Experience - OUT NOW

Were you experienced...?

Track 6 is due for release on May 31st.

Much love,

CC x

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

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