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Hear my voice! My first full length recorded interview... (NAS Podcast)

For the first time ever, you can all hear me speak in depth about various sides of what I do in music and what I have been doing this past year. The New Artist Spotlight gave me this opportunity to chat with Plummy and Maaya Mattoo in their weekly podcast, and it really was a lot of fun. There's lots of interesting stuff and amusing little bits.

For those of you who have only heard my music, this should let you know a little more about how I do what I do as an artist, and help you get to know me a bit more as a person, for I am one.

It was a joy to record and I'll hopefully do more of these in the future.

One more thing (as Apple would say)... I am working on one final little Christmas treat for you all, to round off the year. Santa is indeed on his way...

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