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Birthday Presents

Ten days after the release of my latest single, The Birthday Song (released on my birthday), I unexpectedly find myself with a wealth of the loveliest gifts I could imagine. What a week it has been! Releasing a single can be a somewhat stressful affair, what with one thing and another, so my birthday was not exactly peaceful, calm or relaxing…! But it felt good. A sense of achievement. It is such a special feeling to release one’s songs to the public. It can be nerve-racking. It can put one on edge! But ultimately, if you’re genuinely happy with what you have made, then the chances are, the listeners will be too.

Luckily, I was seemingly right. It has been liked, appreciated and praised! This is the reward we artists get for the hard work we put into a 3 minute pop song. Most normal people (non-artists) probably don’t realise what goes into making a song. And it SHOULD sound smooth and easy. You shouldn’t be able to hear the work having gone into it. Maybe think of it like carpentry. If one can see the joins then it could possibly have been made better.

This praise and genuine love I have received in the last week or so has really hit me to the heart. It is more than I could ever have imagined, for this little song of mine. I genuinely didn’t expect to hear much at all from people about it. I honestly didn’t quite know if I had done my best this time. But people seem to really like it. Here are the four main unexpected birthday presents I have been given since the song’s release:

In excess of 5,000 streams on Spotify alone:

The most fabulous review from Pancham_b on the New Artist Spotlight:

Last week I somehow managed to hit the number one spot on the New Artist Spotlight Top 20, with my very first official single, Never Said Goodbye. This week, I am number one AGAIN, but with my brand new single!!

And finally, the thing that touched me the most: what the fans had to say. This moved me so much, and it is always the thing that makes me feel special, grateful and gives me assurance that I am good at what I do. Genuinely humbled by it all. These were unprovoked and I was not expecting anyone to send me private messages. I also hope these people don’t mind me making their words public.

Thank you, all of you. You know who you are.

CC x

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